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Poles mapping hate communities

The LGBT community in Poland is closely following the legislative elections this October 15. Artur Sendyka, a 22-year-old activist, recalls that, in October 2019, two days before the parliamentary elections, the Polish public broadcaster aired the documentary “Inwazja” (“Invasion”), which shows the LGBT community “as freaks and a threat,” he regrets. Adam is also not optimistic: “If PiS [the ruling “Law Justice” party] wins again, I don’t see a promising future for LGTB people in Poland”; “If KO [the centrist Civic Coalition] wins,” he continues, “I don’t know, maybe it goes well maybe not, inside there are people who hate LGTBQ people and others who say they want to support.” “If Lewica [a left-wing alliance that carries LGTB rights in its program] wins, for me it would be great, because it is the only party that speaks openly about it,” he continues. “And the worst-case scenario, for me, is Konfederacja – the Polish far right – “they basically hate gay people,” he concludes. Thirty-two percent of Poles support equal marriage, according to a June 2023 IPSOS poll.

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