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How ESET PROTECT can secure and manage your Staff PCs?

Few times ago I noticed in one office in Poland an ESET PROTECT solution installed on their local server in the office where the IT department (exactly one person dealing with the support for this company) has easy control over the current devices connected to the common network, they can check the latest scan files, introduce automatic implementations of new tools or use basic operations such as restart or shutdown on the employee’s computer.

ESET PROTECT dashboard server

Of course, I wanted to see how this tool can help me with my work. It turned out that one of my clients has purchased ESET Endpoint Security employee licenses. ESET PROTECT is therefore available free of charge for these licenses. I installed this tool on a local server, configured a firewall, and installed Agents ‘applications on employees’ computers. The installation took a few minutes and the program was ready to use.


Currently, I can watch the security status of employees’ computers using the ESET PROTECT administration panel, check the computer status, remotely connect using the remote desktop built into Windows, use my own script that performs an action on the computer, or perform simple operations. I can also directly view Android mobile devices or other servers available on the web.

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