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Empowering Non-Governmental Organizations with Free IT Tools Training

On June 21st, a training session titled “Organize IT in NGOs” focusing on free IT tools for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) took place at the Regional Chamber – Center for Non-Governmental Organizations in Niepołomice.

Tech NGO Foundation from Staniątki, the youngest non-governmental organization in the municipality, showcased an exciting offering for other foundations, associations, and sports clubs during the training conducted by the foundation’s president, Artur Sendyka.

One of the challenges faced by organizations is the lack of equipment and software. During the training, we discovered that many products are available for free. Each association or foundation can receive 10 licenses for the Office 365 suite, full versions of programs like Canva or Adobe Express Premium, and even $10,000 for advertising through Google Ads. Additionally, the TechSoup platform allows us to purchase computers and smartphones at affordable prices.

The meeting served as an overview, and for the implementation of specific IT solutions, we are invited to the Regional Chamber – Center for Non-Governmental Organizations. The advisory services in this regard are financially supported by the Niepołomice Municipality.

The presentation from the training is available on the website:

The “Center for Non-Governmental Organizations in Niepołomice” project is being implemented with financial support from the Niepołomice Municipality.

By equipping NGOs with knowledge about free IT tools, the training session not only addresses the issue of limited resources but also empowers organizations to optimize their operations and digital presence. The availability of free software and affordable hardware options opens up new possibilities for NGOs to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and outreach, thereby making a greater impact in their respective fields.

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